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Press release: Funforge handles the Lookout Games line of products in French speaking countries

Press release: Funforge handles the Lookout Games line of products  in French speaking countries

Paris (France) – February 15th, 2016,


Funforge handles the Lookout Games line of products in French speaking countries


Today, we are very pleased to announce that, starting from now, Funforge will proudly handle the Lookout Games line of products in French speaking countries. After a successful collaboration on Patchwork™ designed by Uwe Rosenberg and released in 2014, this new partnership announces a long term agreement between Lookout Games and Funforge.

On this agreement, the first games to be released in french will be Isle of Skye™, Oh My Goods!™, Trambahn™, Grand Austria Hotel™ and the new Agricola™ editions, coming in 2016. Agricola™ is the highly acclaimed game from designer Uwe Rosenberg which returns in 2016 bigger and better than ever!

Throughout 2016, Mayfair Games and Lookout Games will release three Agricola™ products: the base Agricola™ game for 1-4 players, the Agricola™ Family Edition for 1-4 players, and finally the Agricola™ 5-6 Player Extension. As Funforge is now the exclusive publishing and distribution partner for the Lookout Games catalog in French speaking countries, the editor will handle these new games too.

Both Lookout Games and Funforge are delighted to work together on these long-awaited products.

Stay tuned for more details and further press releases.


About Lookout Games

Lookout Games, is a German based, board and card game publisher, founded in 2000. Lookout Games is best known for their award-winning board game, Agricola™, that has been published in 16 languages worldwide.

Lookout Games continues to grow, with games for both families and hobby gamers around the world.


About Funforge

Created in 2008, Funforge is a privately held company with office located in Paris – France, which publishes and distributes fun and beautiful card and board games for a wide audience, with great replayability.

Since its creation, Funforge became a recognized publisher in the boardgame industry, being distributed worldwide (France, US and North America, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Scandinavian countries, Russia, Japan, China…). The publishing of the Tokaido™ product line, and its 200.000 units sold worldwide (at the present day) achieved to establish Funforge as one of the world’s leading boardgame publisher.

The quality of its products and the prestige of internationally renown authors gave the publisher several prices in jury and international press.


Press contact

Charlotte Noailles – Marketing & PR Manager at Funforge
+33 (0) 9 84 27 96 40




You know it, we have a lot of projects around TOKAIDO.
We already announced a digital app on Kickstarter. After having worked hard a lot, we finally decided to postpone the digital app project as a crowdfunded one for a simple reason: there is, today, no simple (and even less elegant) way to distribute such app through Kickstarter. This is meanly related to Apple and Google distribution policies which are not compatible with a pre-paid app. Without entering into each and every details, we preferred to rework the project to be “classically” released through the app stores and we will keep you informed about the evolution of the project.

The good news is that today we are proud to announce another project around TOKAIDO.
On next Wednesday (February 26th) we will go live on Kickstarter with a COLLECTOR’S EDITION.
This edition will be heavy loaded with materials such as:

  • A whole game including the Crossroads edition
  • 16 (and maybe more) detailed figures “the supercute minis”
  • New scoring tokens
  • A totally reworked and even more elegant graphic design, and maybe new character arts
  • 50 Metal coins
  • A soundtrack CD, exclusively composed for your game sessions
  • And maybe a lot more surprises in the stretch goals!

We are super excited about this collector’s edition and we hope that you will be as excited as we are to put your hands in it!

We will need your help to bring this project to life so stay closely tuned, everything will start on Wednesday February 26th!


QUANTUM – The Conquest of Space Begins

QUANTUM - The Conquest of Space Begins


Launch the long-range scout! Move the Flagship into orbital position! And reconfigure that Battlestation!
Your squadron of loyal starships, powered by quantum probability itself, carries the might of your people to the far-flung stars.
The fleet is yours to command. But how will history remember you? As a ravenous destroyer? A clever tactician? A brilliant explorer?
Maneuver your deadly armada, construct world-shattering technologies, and rally the remnants of humanity for a final confrontation.


QUANTUM is an epic game of strategy and conquest for 2-4 fleet commanders.

A 6 is a swift but fragile scout – a 1 is a slow but devastating battlestation.
TO WIN: CONSTRUCT QUANTUM CUBES. Massive energy extractors, each one you build evolves your fleet in new ways.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR BATTLES. Play on one of the 30 unique map layouts or design your own.

Build world-shattering technologies. Outmaneuver your enemies. Expand your empire to claim the sector and secure your victory in the annals of history.

The game

QUANTUM is a game by Eric Zimmerman, a veteran game designer known for his innovative games on and off the computer and his books about game design.
QUANTUM won the prestigious INDIECADE 2012 Award for Game Design as under the title “Armada D6.”


QUANTUM will debut during the ESSEN Spiel Fair, late October.

Download the rules

Pre-order now your Essen copy


Tokaido available in the webstore

Tokaido available in the webstore

For all of our non-French speaking friends, you will be happy to know that Tokaido is available in our webstore!(European shipping only).

You were waiting for it to be available? Do not wait anymore.Buy Tokaido!

End of the preorders for Tokaido

End of the preorders for Tokaido

Preorders for Tokaido are now closed.

The game met a huge success during the preorder process and so we wish to save some copies for the Essen fair attendees.

See you in one week on our booth N°9-38 to discover the game, grab your preorder or having a chance to fly back with a copy if you didn’t preordered it! 🙂

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