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ZNA coming soon on KICKSTARTER

ZNA coming soon on KICKSTARTER


2025: Boston, MA – USA


MIA – Journal of the dark days – Day 40

 “It was a Monday, the start of a week like so many others before. I will never forget. The air was heavy, the sky overcast, and a filthy rain pattered on the floor of what I called my lab. No one then could foresee that, soon, sunlight would be but a fond memory….

I had just finished building my own openPCR. In a few words let’s say that it’s a machine that lets the average person analyze DNA samples. I downloaded the plans from the Bio-Hack network because the city authorities had banned machines like this. The only city in the entire country prohibiting openPCR, and that is where I live…. In order to test my machine I decided to start with a simple experiment. I was a biochemistry student and wished to be a part of the bio hacking community in order to improve my skills and open my mind to learning methods beyond the traditional classroom setting.

In short, it was a Monday. Recently, I had found an interesting tutorial on Bio-Hack and was about to try producing a living organism based on bio-brick. I had just put my suit and my gas mask on when it all started, without warning.


First, it seemed like night was falling. Just like that, in the blink of an eye. But weirdly, the night was coming from the sea. Then, it started to move toward the city along the coast, and the more it filled the sky, the more we understood that this was not nightfall… It was a huge and dark cloud of fog, thick and frightening. It moved as if it were alive, driven by its own will. It advanced inexorably towards the residential areas before devouring them and making them disappear under its unnerving volutes. As it progressed across the city, everything became silent: the sirens of police cars, the screams of passers-by trying to escape, the horns of vehicles in gridlock, drivers panicking….

Everything stopped moving and fell silent as it crept.


Then, suddenly, it was on me. Its density became apparent as it hit my building with a large thud. Most of the windows were smashed under the pressure, and exploded into pieces. The fog rushed into the room, pervading it completely. I could barely see my gloved hands, lit only by the LEDs of my gas mask.

I just stood there for at least an hour, completely frozen with fear. It is only when the fog substantially cleared up that I could see the other side of the street again. It is also at that moment that I decided to get out of the rat hole my apartment just turned into.

Not until I reached the street and saw the dying streetlights, the flipped cars, the lifeless bodies, and the collapsed buildings did I really understand.

I realized then that nothing would ever be the same.”




ZNA is a cooperative survival boardgame in an unique post-apocalyptic setting.

The action takes place in Boston, in 2025.

The city has been struck by a storm of dark smoke that the inhabitants will later call “the Fog”. This fog destroys everything in its path, leaving behind it a world plunged into chaos. Nobody knows the exact extent of the damage. The Fog concentrates as it settles over the areas it hits, making them dangerous, almost impassable, and infested with threatening mutants.

Indeed, the vast majority of the population seems to have been infected by the Fog. Those who were not killed have been contaminated to the point of transforming into violent and ruthless creatures with superhuman abilities. Their only motivation appears to be the constant hunt of the survivors.


Some small groups of survivors remain here and there, despite the situation, and are trying to regroup in order to face this menace.

The city of yesterday is no longer. It has become a gigantic hunting ground, and the last human beings standing are reduced to prey….

Among the survivors, bio-hackers (sort of genetic “pirates” monitoring potential abuse by the large industrial corporations) detected a specific mutation in the mutants’ DNA. They named it the “ZNA mutation” (for Zero Nucleic Acid – because the mutants’ genetic sequence seems to have been entirely re-coded, erasing their heritage). The bio-hackers are looking for ways to influence the ZNA mutation in an attempt to neutralize the threat. For the time being, their successes have been limited but a glimmer of hope still remains. Maybe one day a chemical reagent will finally be created, enabling them to stand up to the new enemies.


Since the disaster, mysterious drones have been flying overhead, scanning the city. They offer help and equipment in exchange for services or completion of certain missions.

Some say the Biocorp sent them, a megacorporation monopolizing chemistry and medicine for years, but nobody truly knows what this is really about….

The only thing the survivors can do now is subsist and find their way out of town to escape the threat, whatever the cost….



Overview and highlights


  • An epic campaign composed of 12 individual scenarios, playable with modular boards.
  • A smooth learning curve to make it as easy as possible to get into the game.
  • Several difficulty levels and game modes so it can be played again and again.
  • The ability to create your own scenarios, thanks to the 40 board tiles.
  • A plethora of first-class material:
    • 40 illustrated and reversible board tiles
    • 80 very detailed, high-quality figurines (from 35 to 80mm)
    • hundreds of objects, events, objective cards, etc.
  • The use of an innovative technology in the gameplay, to be unveiled during the Kickstarter campaign!

Few Heroes figurines

mini_teaser3 mini_teaser1mini_teaser2smokeyjack

Gameplay features

  • An evolving board, thanks to the management of the Fog and contamination levels.
  • Atmospheric events that impact gameplay and game situations.
  • Common survival goals and individual secret objectives, not always compatible with each other….
  • An original crafting system that allows you to employ chemistry in order to create a variety of products with diverse effects (healing, mind-control, endothermic blasts, etc.)
  • A “bestiary” provided with ever-stronger enemies and special abilities that are increasingly terrible.




A game created by Florian Desforges
Published by Funforge
Coming soon on KICKSTARTER mid December 2014.
1 to 4 players
13 years old and up
Gametime: 45 – 90 minutes

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