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A game from Ludovic Maublanc & Marie Cardouat
The sky's the limit!
Catch the balloons and fly!

The sky’s the limit!

When Tom came home with a book he found in his grandparents’ attic, a sort of grimoire, describing an entire realm in the sky, you didn’t waste a second. Clouds populated by fantastic creatures and mischievous characters? The secret of using rainbows to climb through the clouds, and rise high in the sky? It was all too good!

You have your friends, so nothing can stop you, right? You are going to take on this adventure together! No sooner said than done: You grab a handful of balloons, rise rapidly, and fly away into the sky. But beware: The people of the clouds are just as hungry for entertainment! After all, it’s not every day they meet strangers from the ground; perhaps they won’t let you leave so easily….

Take up the challenges that present themselves to you throughout your encounters, go faster and higher than everyone else, and collect the most rewards. And if you arrive at the top of the clouds, you will be the first to see the world like a friend, face-to-face.


• 1 gameboard representing the sky (2 levels by board plus one top)
• 6 figurines
• 6 Character boards
• 6 2-sided Bet tokens: Happy / Unhappy
• 30 balloons in 6 different colors (5 per color)
• 30 2-sided Bird tokens: Dove / Crow
• 36 2-sided Cloud tokens: cloud / number (value 0 to 2)
• 50 Dare cards
• 2 Rainbows
• 1 rulebook

Climb cloud to cloud in order to be the first to reach the top of the sky. Each challenge you face is another chance to rise higher in the sky. But, helping other players also earns you rewards.

Numerous challenges can be met only by helping or being helped by the other players. Be clever and you will gain levels, but choose your partners wisely in order to limit the points they gain alongside you.

As soon as someone reaches level 7, the game comes to an end, and the player with the most points wins the game.









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Download the rules in several languages.

English rules

French rules

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