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The golden Ages of Magic
A lot to do!
Silly magic in Illusio

Discover a funny world of great magicians and be the most prestigious of all !

1896 : As the pioneers of magic compete  against each other to amaze the public, the most spectacular magic show of all times will soon happen and YOU want to win it !

Portray – among many magicians – the amazing Shaozu master of conjuring tricks, the hypnotic Miss Domina and her captivated audience, the astonishing Gemelos who controls substances or even the wonderful Savano lord of animals… Juggle with objects, formulas or magic tricks and spoil your opponents actions to realize the most stunning magic tricks before anyone else. Challenge your competitors in prestigious turns and become the Supreme Master of illusion !

ILLUSIO is a splendid card game about magic, not the so usual one with fireballs and sorcery but the prestigious one with mystery, Illusions, secrets and… fun !
Become the greatest magician of all without actually being a real one !


• 32 Objective cards
• 64 Component cards
• 26 Special action cards
• 10 Magician cards
• 1 Rule book

As a young magician gifted by a unique magical skill (out of 10 different), you will have to setup your own show to become famous.

To do this you will collect various components such as scarf, tigers, reservoir, curtains, blades, etc. to be able to execute magic tricks of 4 different families of Magic (Illusion, Mentalism, Close-up and Evasion). Each of these tricks have different level of difficulties (from 1 to 4) making them harder to do but best to get Prestige points (victory points).

The thing is that the tricks are opened to every magician (always 4 different turns are available on the table to be picked-up) to get them. You will have to be the first to put your hands on the very special ones you are aiming for before another player will get it from you. As you need at least half of the necessary components to get the trick, you’ll have to be quicker and smarter than your opponents if you want to be the best magician at the end of the day!

Simple, fun and strategic, Illusio will turn you into the greatest magician all of all time!

Joystiq - Best of 2009

Download the rules in several languages.

English rules

French rules

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