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Isla Dorada
Join the expedition!
Island detail
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Join the expedition in this gorgeous adventure game!

In the year 1934, the Columbia expedition crash landed on a mysterious island where legends say that several old and powerful civilizations have left many sumptuous treasures.

Each player is a brave explorer who joined the expedition with old maps that contain clues as to where some of these treasures can be found. Since the land is largely unknown and potentially dangerous, all players travel together, trying to avoid the mysteries that await them in this inhospitable land by hiring beasts of burden in the native villages.

Even though all the explorers travel in one group, each of them individually wants to be the one who brings back the richest treasures from Isla Dorada!


• Gold (in coins of 1 and 5)
• 2 sea travel tokens
• 1 game board
• 1 leader token
• 1 expedition figure
• 1 Bigfoot figure
• 1 Leviathan figure
• 1 rulebook
• 16 wooden exploration markers
• 112 goal cards
• 112 adventure cards
• 6 reference sheets
Guide your expedition through hazardous terrain and hostile territory, exploring the wonders of Isla Dorada while you compete to find the most treasure among your fellow explorers. Designed by the creative team of Bruno Faidutti, Alan R Moon, Andrea Angiolino, and Piergiorgio Paglia, Isla Dorada is a board game of strategic bidding and exploration for 3-6 players.

In Isla Dorada, players join together to form an expedition, navigating through a mysterious and treasure-ridden island. However, since each player is competing to be the one explorer to find the most treasure, they each have their own treasure maps and their own secret motivations. To move the expedition, players bid cards that allow them to move the expedition through certain terrain. Whoever wins the bid gets to move the expedition and potentially find their hidden treasure.

Best Artists for the graphic design in China - 2010 Best Graphics and Presentation in Brazil - 2011

Download the rules and card reference sheet in several languages.

English rules English reference sheet

French rules French reference sheet

German rules German reference sheet

Hungarian rules Hungarian reference sheet – On BoardGameGeek.com

Italian rules Italian reference sheet – On BoardGameGeek.com

Spanish reference sheet – On BoardGameGeek.com

Estonian reference sheet – On BoardGameGeek.com

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