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Pocket Madness
A game from Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc
Pocket Madness will make you crazy!
The least crazy cultist will win the game!

Maintain your sanity longer than your opponents!

As fo owers of ancient myths, guided by dark and promising rumors, you survey the most disturbing locations, each more unse ling than the last, in search of clues. Gathering enough of them will allow you to open portals to see these obscure worlds… unless you would prefer to publish your research, plunging your opponents into madness.

You must be careful, though, because you are meddling with powers that are beyond you, and it could be you who is first to fall, once and for all, into madness!

Maintain your sanity longer than your opponents, because the least crazy cultist wins the game!


• 65 Location cards
• 6 R’lyeh cards
• 7 Arkham Asylum cards
• 8 Lomar cards
• 9 Innsmouth cards
• 10 Valley of the Kings cards
• 11 Dunwich cards
• 12 Underworld cards
• 7 Portal cards
• 40 Madness tokens

You must get rid of all your Location cards as quickly as possible, by melding sets of identical cards or sets of different cards, in order to avoid descending into madness.

The game plays out over several rounds, during which you must avoid descending into madness.

At the end of a round, if any player has accumulated 10 Madness tokens, the game comes to an end, and the player with the fewest Madness tokens wins the game.



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Download the rules in several languages.

English rules

French rules

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