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Pony Express
The crazy West of Pony Express
Track detail
Poker dice, gold nuggets and wooden figures

Become the fastest rider of the West in this crazy racing game!

From 1860 to 1861, the Pony Express was the only fast mail service crossing the North American continent from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California.

The brave and sometimes crazy riders rushed to deliver their mail in less than 10 days – but then things started to change when the telegraph arrived on the scene. Suddenly, riders were going all out to be faster than the wind and reach their goal before the new “electric” mail!

You’ve got your horse, your trusty gun and a brand new hat on your head – but above all you’ve got a pack of letters that need to reach Sacramento before all the other riders in the Pony Express!


• 5 poker dice
• A dice shaker
• 5 player cards
• 20 Item cards
• 1 gunfight token
• A game board
• 30 gold nuggets
• 5 «rider» meeples
• 3 Indian meeples
• A rulebook
The players are wild riders with the Pony Express, racing from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California, where the winner will be the first rider to deliver his mail after having survived all of the traps, tricks and dangers of the Wild West!

In Pony Express you will use Poker dice to generate poker hands that will allow you to move on the track and of course, as we speak Poker, we speak bluffing and lying to your opponent making them believe you have a way better hand than you actually have, or maybe this is not a lie, who knows?

But dice are not only to roll, they will also be used to physically shoot at the opponents if they come to cross your way… at the end of day, you still want to be the first one to deliver your mail to Sacramento! While running to your goal, you will make several stops in various spots such as gold mines to dig gold (money), relay station to get some new stuff (object cards), take the train to move faster (well, okay you are a rider but, hey! you still want to be first!). Of course you will also go to the saloon to take a drink, will encounter the native Indians on their land – not so happy to see you by the way – and of course, you will often go to jail as shooting at everyone everywhere is not *always* the solution, even for a tough cowboy like you!

Pony Express is a hilarious racing game like no other thanks to its unique mix between racing, bluffing, throwing dice and even physically shooting at your opponents!

Juego Del Año - 2010 (Spain) - Finalist

Download the rules in several languages.

English rules

French rules

German rules

Spanish rules

Dutch rules

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