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Samurai Spirit
A relentless fight!
A threatened village!
Fearsome enemies!


You and your small Samurai crew are the only obstacles between a frightened village and a horde of bloodthirsty brigands!

The confrontation seems very uneven while you are standing in front of dozens of enemies ready to cut you to pieces, but that is without counting on your combat skills and the strong solidarity keeping your group united in adversity.

Above all, and when the cause will seem hopeless, your enemies will discover the beast inside you: a fearsome warrior ready to unleash his true strength!


• 7 Samurai game boards
• 7 Samurai meeples
• 7 Support tokens
• 6 Farmstead tokens
• 10 Barricade tokens
• 3 Family tokens
• 66 Raider cards
• 1 Village game board
• 1 Active Player marker
• 7 wound tokens

Samurai Spirit is a full cooperative game in which players incarnate samurais hired by peasants in order to protect their village and crops against the attack of the fearsome brigands from the clan ONI-MUSHA. Together, players will have to protect the village’s farms and families in order to reach victory!

Each turn, the player draws one or several cards, from the deck representing the raiders, and faces a new threat by taking tough decisions: should he face the enemies pounding on him, defend the village and its inhabitants from a imminent threat or assist one of his companions at the risk of letting new threats invade the village awaiting the last moment to reveal themselves?

The village, composed of barricades, farms and families will be more and more destroyed under the attackers waves. Basic plunderers will lead the first wave and if they are defeated during the initial assault, their lieutenants will join them to constitute the second wave. If the players succeed again in pushing them away, the brigands’ bosses, cruel and powerful, will take the lead to try and bring down the last defences that might still resist.
It won’t be until the end of these 3 assault phases that the village will finally be saved, if players manage to survive and save at least one farm and one family.

To help them in their fight, each Samurai has a unique talent he can use during each turn, and one superhuman power called the “Kiai” he can trigger if he succeeds, in the middle of battle, in using his combat potential precisely enough.

At the height of the battle, when Samurais will have suffered several wounds, they will be able to count on their animal spirit: a hidden and superhuman strength enabling them to improve their combat skills, their Kiais and to resist to more enemies.

But be careful not to get overwhelmed because defeat is lurking everywhere, awaiting for the fatal error that will lead the Samurais to their end…

Thanks to its simple rules and various game modes (playable from 1 to 7 players, in 4 levels of difficulties), Samurai Spirit offers a pure cooperative experience to a cohesive team that will have to face a tough challenge that requiring all their skills and qualities. The dynamic and tense games will test the best of all…
Do you have what it takes?






Download the rules in several languages.

English rules

French rules

German rules

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