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The Phantom Society
An unstoppable squad!
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Yes, welcome to this country famous for its whisky, the Highlands, its castles, and, of course…its ghosts!
The Phantom Society is a ghost-hunting game in which you play as sly spirits seeking to ruin a manor hotel or, if you prefer, intrepid ectoplasm hunters (a bit destructive round the edges) who never falter in the pursuit of their prey. While the ghosts have to be cunning and use psychology in order to remain concealed, the hunters use observation and deduction to flush out their sneaky targets.

Who will be fastest?

And above all, will the manor come through this madness intact?


• 1 game board composed of 2 sections with 2 floors
• 36 room tiles
• 4 ghost tiles
• 16 objective cards
• 1 rule booklet

Discover a crazy ghost hunt in which you can incarnate ghosts or their hunters!

Created by Hervé Marly, several awards winner for his game Werewolves, and the rising talented author Frederic Colombier, The Phantom Society is a game of deduction and clever observation for 2 to 4 players.

In The Phantom Society, players embody ghosts seeking to destroy a manor hotel or the ectoplasm hunters trying to stop them before they achieve their objective.

The ghosts will hide in 4 of the manor’s rooms (bedroom, library, smoking room and utility room) and, starting from there, they will damage the other rooms one by one. Hunters will then have to find out where the ghosts are, by using their deduction skills, in order to stop them in time.

Turn by turn, the ghosts, following a determined destruction process, will ruin the manor starting by the tiles adjacent to the one they are hiding beneath. Afterwards, they will continue with the rooms connected to the tile they are dissimulated under by a straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.
The subtlety of the game lies in the ghosts’ ability to cover their tracks, whereas the challenge for the hunters is to be attentive enough to be able to chart their route and go back to the ghosts’ starting points in order to neutralize them all and save the manor from complete destruction.

The game board, composed of 36 different rooms “assembled” in a single board including 2 floors, will be set up by the players at the beginning of the game and can each time change, following the players’ desires, providing infinite possibilities for a game pleasure always renewed.

The Phantom Society, super clever and superbly illustrated by Naïade and Vincent Dutrait, will simply make you want to play again and again!


Download the rules in several languages.

English rules

French rules

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