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Warehouse 51
Extravagant billionaires seeking for glory.
Coveted mythological and magical artifacts!
Which collector will know how to identify the counterfeits and which won't?

Amass the best collection in order to outshine the others.

Have you ever wanted to place Aladdin’s Lamp on your mantlepiece, or use the Holy Grail as your personal coffee mug? Well, thanks to a particular world superpower going bankrupt and liquidating its stockpile of valuables, you may very well have that chance!

In Warehouse 51, you are a billionaire who is eager to show the world just how exorbitant you can be. But you aren’t the only one eyeing the prized collection of the US Government; moguls from all corners of the globe seek to add these rare and valuable artifacts to their collections.

But things aren’t as they seem, and those wishing to own these ultra-rare items may not know what they’re getting themselves into.
After all, there’s a reason why the government kept these items locked away in a nondescript warehouse for so long.

So many long-sought relics, thought by most to be mere myth… who is to say that they are all genuine? How will you know whether that prized artifact is real or counterfeit?


• 70 Gold Ingot tokens (each worth 1 billion dollars)
• 2 Certificate of Authenticity tokens
• 26 Relic cards
• 22 Counterfeit cards
• 5 Player aids
• 6 Pawnbroker tokens

The year is 2038.
After decades of borrowing money from China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and the rest of the world, the USA finally went bankrupt. In a last attempt at raising some money, the federal government has decided to auction
its most secret treasures: the artifacts and relics gathered during its years of wealth and power, stored in the well guarded Warehouse 51.

Players are extremely rich antique collectors bidding in billions of dollars to buy authentic and powerful relics, some of which seem to be imbued with a strange blessing aura while othersbear great danger… Each collector wants to amass the best collection in order to outshine the others. Yet they have to be careful not to buy counterfeits of the relics, which would tarnish their upstanding reputations. The collector with the most valuable collection, once the auctions are closed, will be declared the winner.

Warehouse 51 pits players against each other, bidding for these legendary objects. The billionaire who can make out with the most valuable items, while also avoiding the perils that accompany these mythical items, will come out ahead in life.

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