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Press release: Broadway Toys to publish and distribute Pocket Madness in China

Press release: Broadway Toys to publish and distribute Pocket Madness in China

Paris (France) – March 30, 2017

Broadway Toys to publish and distribute POCKET MADNESS in China.

Today, Funforge is very pleased to announce that Broadway Toys is now the distributor of it’s cardgame POCKET MADNESS in China. In 2017, POCKET MADNESS will be available in the country in Chinese language.

Category: Card Game.
Number of players: 2 – 4.
Authors: Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc.
Illustrator: Mathieu Leyssenne.
Playing time: 30 minutes
Age: 8+


About Pocket Madness

As followers of ancient myths, guided by dark and promising rumors, you survey the most disturbing locations, each more unsettling than the last, in search of clues. Gathering enough of them will allow you to open portals to see these obscure worlds… unless you would prefer to publish your research, plunging your opponents into madness.

You must be careful, though, because you are meddling with powers that are beyond you, and it could be you who is first to fall, once and for all, into madness!

Maintain your sanity longer than your opponents, because the least crazy cultist wins the game!
Access the rules.


About Broadway Toys

Broadway Toys is a subsidiary of Longshore Limited. Our scope of business focuses on board game research and development.  Our team consists of experienced gamers and professional game production crew. We have established good relationships with different board game companies for years,  discovered high quality board games, and broadened toys and board games market in Greater China. We actively join hands with educational organizations, in hopes of introducing game education culture from the world to China.  Moreover, Broadway strongly supports local original board games by participating in development, promotion, and marketing, aiming to make board game the bridge between east and west.

Broadway Toys gathered board game lovers, striving to achieve our mission to promote the board game cultures to people from all walks of life.

Press contact:
Broadway Toys Limited :


About Funforge

Created in 2008, Funforge is a privately held company with office located in Paris – France, which publishes and distributes fun and beautiful card and board games for a wide audience, with great replayability.

Since its creation, Funforge became a recognized publisher in the boardgame industry, being distributed worldwide (France, US and North America, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Scandinavian countries, Russia, Japan, China…). The publishing of the Tokaido product line, and its 250.000 units sold worldwide (at the present day) achieved to establish Funforge as one of the world’s leading boardgame publisher. The quality of its products and the prestige of internationally renown authors gave the publisher several prices in jury and international press.

Press contact
Charlotte NOAILLES, Marketing & PR Manager  +33 (0) 9 84 27 96 40


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